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Charities accounts

Charities accounts

I deal with some minor charities (below audit requirements).
Can you suggest a software programme?
Ronald Morris


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19th Jan 2006 14:11

Charities accounts
Thank you for the very informative replies.
Are there any further suggestions regarding software for the production of Company accounts with charitable status?
I should be grateful if Martin would let me have further details of Multi-Fund.
Thanks a million (for charitable purposes of course!).
Ron Morris

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17th Jan 2006 20:08

Why not use Excel?
Hi Ronald

As I have posted elsewhere, I have been involved in a couple of charities accounts over the years, one as Treasurer, the other as Chair with my (non-accountant) wife as Treasurer. For simple accounts I have always used an Excel spreadsheet in the style of an old manual analysis book.

Have all the cash and bank columns to the left, starting with cash, then current a/c, then any other bank a/c's. Enter ALL receipts as cash and show bankings as a transfer from cash to bank. This way you can tick the bank column against the statements.

Enter each line as double entry, +=Dr, -=Cr, or add a check column on the end and make this deduct all the receipt columns so that all entries can be entered as positive if you prefer. Conditional format each row such that if the check total is not zero, the whole row goes red. Have a sheet for each month, with the b/f of each reading from the c/f of the previous.

Have a summary sheet at the end showing the totals for each month in the style of the Commissioners' return, OR simply have one set of totals reading from the final month so that by printing it out at the end of each month, before any further entries have been made, you have a monthly record of the cum. totals.


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18th Jan 2006 14:33

Cash Call or QuickBooks
If you have gift aid income such as a church then 'Cash Call' is a very good gift aid package with an integrated Nominal ledger.

If you have multipul funds that have to be accounted for seperatly - I have Rugby Development Groups who revieve specific grants for projects and have to make end of grant returns - then use the classes in Quick Books

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18th Jan 2006 12:24

Excel extension
I have experience of an excel-based software program called Multi-Fund. It acts as a cash book but analyses into different funds (v important for charities with restricted funds etc). It also produces a Statement of Financial Activities and Balance Sheet as required by Charities Act. If you require further info please reply to this message.

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