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'Chartered' firm

I'm sure I knew this at one point, but my  memory fails me...

How many partners (by ICAEW standards) need to be Chartered in order for a firm to be Chartered Accountants?  For example, 2 partners in a firm, 1 chartered and one in the IFA - could the firm call itself Chartered?

If anyone has a link to the relevent part of the ICAEW website I'd be grateful.

Thanks, as ever, for your help,



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25th May 2010 13:21


Only 1 has to be chartered.

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By Anonymous
25th May 2010 14:09

50% needed

According to the linked helpsheet below 50% of the partners, or for Limited companies 50% of the directors and shareholders need to be Chartered for the firm to be allowed to call itself Chartered.

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By Anonymous
25th May 2010 22:01

50+% of shares in a company

In a company what is needed is that more than 50% of the shares are owned by chartered accountants and at least 50% of the directors are chartered accountants.

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