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CIS- Agent/Company registration

We supply software used for CIS and have had a query from one of our clients. He is registered as an agent for CIS, however for various reasons the customer also wants to register. The local tax office has said that it is not possible for this to happen. Can anyone throw any light on this and if this is true.




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15th Aug 2007 08:33

Mike, thanks for answer. Sorry if I did not make myself clear. In this case the agent had registered as an agent. The contractor also wanted to register as a contractor and the agent rang to ask for it to be done. He was told that it was impossible as the contractor could only either use an agent or be registered himself but not both. This is really nothing to do with the software we supply, we are just trying to help our client because we were sure the answer from the tax office was wrong and you seem to be agreeing, perhaps if the contractor contacted themselves we will not have a problem.


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