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CIS online availability

Neither our firm nor another local practice can currently access CIS online. We can login but when trying to select a client we are getting a service availability response. A colleague rang the helpline and they were assured the system is operating "normally". Anyone else having current availability issues?

Kevin Lyons


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I can confirm that I have filed 7 returns tonight so we are hopefully up and running, only 7 days after I originally reported the problem!!

Having said that, I say I filed them, they have been sent but not yet received at the Revenue.

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Up and running
I've just logged on with no problems, full client list and have just submitted two returns! so looks like it might have been sorted! We've been trying to get on for days!

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HMRC Helpline
Spoke to them this morning and the CIS problem is for all agent accounts apparently, if you are logging in from the client's ID it should be ok.

They don't know when it will be resolved...

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Online problems?
Still having the same problem trying to get into my clients as last week.

No response received from online helpdesk who i have emailled.

Has anyone managed to speak to them to see when this is likely to be fixed.

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P60 printing problems!
If you're having problems printing P60s, make sure in Internet Explorer you click on Tools.... Internet Options.... Click on the "Advanced"Tab.... Scroll down to Security options and make sure that "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" is ticked.... and click Apply

Restart Internet Explorer and log back in and see if it works... worked for me!

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CIS Online does not work. Same old story....
I'm having this problem too. The online services helpdesk won't even pick the phone up. HMRC are at least aware of the problem. It is compounded by the fact that if you file online once they stop sending you manual returns, so in effect you have no backup! I have just requested a wad of blank returns from the CIS helpdesk. If the online system is still not working by the time they arrive, I will do the returns manually.

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More is revealed!
A colleague files for one company on a different log in and she's got on and filed with no problems.

There is now something on the service issues page saying they're sorry and they'll try and sort it out.

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cis filing problems
I have been trying to file on line - no joy - waited over 45 mins to get hold of cis help line- no answer - opted for manual form filing to avoid any penalties just in case. What is the issue with p60 printing - is this going to effect printing from sage using HMRC stationery?

Comments will be welcome

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What a pain!
This is causing me so much grief, I even tried emailing online services helpdesk who replied saying that they needed more information!

I only want to file these returns!!

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Log on is still failing
This is becoming a real pain.

As usual nobody at HMRC seems to care and yet they still call us "customers", which is patently absurd.

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Other problems - P60 and P38A
As already mentioned forms P60 cannot presently be printed / obtained when filing online using the HMRC product.

The same defective HMRC product is misprogrammed re: form P38A, ie. re: P46 employees who've ticked box A or box B on P46.

So much for last weekend's system closedown for "upgrade".

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CIS Down
Yes, I've been unable to file any CIS returns yesterday or this morning.

Lets hope they fix it soon.

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CIS & P60 problems
I am struggling to access the CIS system still but are also having problems printing out P60s from submitted P35s. What an earth are they playing at?

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It's driving me mad!
I have all my monthly returns, statements done and ready to file and I can't get on the damn system. I can't get hold of online services helpdesk either.

i'm on holiday next week and need to file these returns before I go.

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