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CIS Online problems ?

Ever since CIS online came on stream we have built our list of authorised clients ; mainly by submitting manual FBI2 forms as the online authorisation does not work for area codes starting in "0" ; but have nothing to work with under each client . The subcontractor lists are empty even though the Revenue have sent out printed lists of pre authorised subcontractors ; we have filed the first monthly return via our authorised third party software and received email acknowledgement but these returns do not show in the online system history . We have tried online verification about 4 weeks ago - there is no history and we only received an acknowledgement this week ( after the filing deadline ) by which time we took the step to telephone verify them ( which seems the safest option and keeps lots of operatives in a job ) .

On phoning the helpline ( for the umpteenth time in the last 6 weeks ) I was told this was the first call of its kind she had received ! Personally I think they are covering up . They told me 2 weeks ago of a problem with PAYE area codes starting with "0" but it was due to be resoleved in days . They also intimited there was a huge backlog on online verification .

I just wonder if other agents are being fobbed off with pathetic excuses and experiencing the same problems ?
Ken Pritchard


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By Anonymous
23rd May 2007 12:53

put it back another year
They've already put the CIS scheme back a year, then suspended the penalties till October. Honestly, can't they do anything right.

I cannot help comparing these online services to the debacle over Home Information Packs.

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By Anonymous
23rd May 2007 14:05

Problems? Just a few!
We too have found serious failings with HMRC's online CIS and everytime you telephone the helpline or email the support desk you get a different answer to the same query! They have promised to pre-populate fully the sub-contractor list (some 40 plus sub-contractors in our case) but still, only 12 appear.

I have given up with their online filing & verification ... I shall be filing paper returns and use photocopies of the continuation sheets rather than try and use a system that does not operate as they said it would!

The new scheme should be penalty free until such time as they get their act together .... goodness knows they've had long enough to sort it out after they delayed implementation from April 2006. Better still, we should be rewarded for having to put up with their shoddyness!

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By Anonymous
25th May 2007 16:46

After weeks of trying I've finally managed to verify subbies. HMRC web had a problem if your PAYE ref started 049. Seems all sorted now & I've had confirmation back from them.

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