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Coding Notices

I thought we'd hit the top in stupid coding notices from the current mess. We have an actor client whose income in 2008/09 comprised £1,000 or so for a small job on the BBC's Casualty.  They received a code of D0 for their 2010/11 employments with the BBC.  Almost too funny to bother with.

But in today's post we have a late entrant for most stupid notice of coding as another person who has taken early retirement (on a £5k/year pension), got a D0 coding for their Job Seekers Allowance.  What? Why? How?

Anything dafter out there?


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17th Feb 2010 12:59

4 codes for same employer

I have a client who has had his allowance split 4 ways and sent in 4 codes to his employer.  Presumably they will not allow the employer to add the four together....

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17th Feb 2010 13:21


I still think codes for Mrs * *****(deceased) take some beating.  You really would thing the word "deceased" in the name would give them a clue, certainly after 5 years.


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17th Feb 2010 13:39


And now, in today's post are two codes dated 9 JANUARY!!!

They REALLY need to sort themselves out. 


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17th Feb 2010 13:54

whats good for the goose

They should be fined £5,000 for every incorrect code they issue.......................

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