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Collection of records from previous Agent

Collection of records from previous Agent


What do you do, when records are with previous agent for current year and you need them.

How do you make arrangements for collection or Who do you use?

Appreciate any comments



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08th Dec 2011 11:56

I suggest that

you arrange for your new client to provide formal written authority for you to collect the records. In advance of the collection, contact is made with the former accountant, to arrange a mutually convenient time for the collection. I would also suggest that you will need to provide, to the former accountant, verification of your identity and, be prepared to sign for the records in question.

The opening post seems to have more than an element of "fear" if you don't mind me saying? At the end of the day, you need the records, you have your own business (I assume) and, you are not looking to either become bosom buddies with the former accountant or, cause offence. Just do what you have to, in as professional manner as possible.Look on the experience as another one on the belt.

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08th Dec 2011 12:37

Thank you for reply.

I agree that i will need to get these records, i am looking at the distance/travel this is just the one so far, there could be more clients in future so want to put a process/procedure in place such as using a third party to collect because of time/money.

Is this the best way, does any body couriers and which ones?


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By neileg
08th Dec 2011 13:29


Why not get the client to collect them and deliver to you?

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08th Dec 2011 13:57

Because ...

... it says in the summary of the question on the Any Answers page "New Client does not wish to go himself".

If only AWeb could manage to display the summary when you open the question!

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By neileg
08th Dec 2011 15:30

Thanks, Euan

I'll climb back in my box!

Cheers, Neil

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