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Companies Act 1985

Companies Act 1985

Does anyone know if there is a full transcript of the Companies Act 1985 on the internet anywhere?

Many thanks for any answers received!


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01st Feb 2001 12:09

UK legislation online
If you are looking for legislation online (and are prepared to pay a subscription fee) then you can find it on Butterworths' legislation direct ( This contains the full, amended text (updated daily) of UK Statutes, UK SIs, Scottish Statutes, Scottish SIs, and Church of England Measures.

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By Anonymous
30th Jan 2001 16:22

I sense a psychic moment here - I was just about to pose exactly the same question when I saw yours listed. Sorry I don't know the answer though - the HMSO site has all legislation from 1988 onwards, but I haven't found the 1985 Act yet.

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30th Jan 2001 17:03

Wouldn't bother
My understanding is that only legislation since 1987 is on the HMSO site. For CA85, I frankly wouldn't bother with the internet unless it's only a very small amount of text you are after. Even if it was available, the print time and consumables cost would far outweigh the cost of the paper volume itself.

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