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Companies House

Companies House

I "filed" three sets of abbreviated accounts online two weeks prior to the filing deadline, following all the procedures as usual. There was nothing to suggest during the filing process that anything was amiss. I did nor receive the confirmation email immediately but was unconcerned as this had happened on previous successful filing occasions.First I knew of filing problem was when the penalty notices were received.Companies House have been extremely condescending in response to my appeals to date.I would like to hear from any others who have experienced this problem and whether any success has been had with similar appeals. 


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08th Jun 2010 13:40


what reason was given for rejecting your accounts?

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08th Jun 2010 14:37

Confirmation e-mail:

Sorry original post a bit misleading on this point.No confirmation email received therefore Cos Hse position is that accounts were not filed.

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08th Jun 2010 15:09


So they never turned up on Companies House systems? i.e. they seemed to be lost somewhere in cyberspace.

Strange, no wonder they have been condescending ... they think you are trying it on.

We use Iris to file accounts, which keeps a log of all filings ... not sure if were using such software?


I have only had this happen a couple of times with Annual Returns, and luckily they both turned up on companies house systems two days later.

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08th Jun 2010 15:42

They must have received the accounts

Otherwise how can companies house send the late filing penalty notices. Presumably you only filed them online once.

This would imply lost in cyberspace and received by them after the filing deadline.


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08th Jun 2010 16:50

I had identical problem - it was very frustrating as we'd just filed another set for a different company at more or less the same time with no problem - it's all about getting the email which we didn't look out for

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09th Jun 2010 11:43

CH penalties

Collect your evidence to show when and how you posted, write and contest rigorously.
Companies House is notorious for wielding penalties and not cancelling them.
Be prepared to fight your corner!

If government authorities insist that we must adopt online filing, which I do think is a good thing, then their systems have to work. Any relevant agency has to accept that sometimes their fandabidosy computer system does have hiccups like this and be prepared to cancel penalties by giving you the benefit of the doubt. Sadly, CH is the worst for refusing to give you that benefit!

Good luck.  Pam


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02nd Jul 2010 17:44

Thanks Companies House

 Just contacted the Companies House contact centre to query why two separate sets of online accounts do not seem to have been processed over the past month. I have been informed that they have encountered a few problems since they updated the site to accommodate the new Companies Act - nice to be told these things!

As usual does not reflect well on us when the client rings up to say Companies House are chasing them so we will have to adopt a more robust system to ensure all email confirmations are received in future or go back to postal filing!! 

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