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Companies House company formation service

Companies House company formation service

Does anyone have experience of the Companies House company formation service? I'm tempted to try it next time I need to set up a company but a bit bothered about how long it will take. It says up to 2 days while other companies offer same day for the same sort of price. For non-urgent set-ups that's fine but same day can be a selling point. I'd be interested to know if anyone had used it yet and how long it took?



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22nd Jun 2011 20:51

I have

A couple of years ago my colleagues and I needed a couple of companies (parent + Sub) to place a bid for the assets of our co in liquidation (none of my doing!).  It was simple.

In those days it was 50 quid for same day -v- 20 for two days.  The staff were courtesy itself and very helpful when a compliance query arose.   Now it is £100 I saw on the site today!

 I subscribed to (still only 35 quid p.a. for the corporate licence) for the necessary documents, money well spent.

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22nd Jun 2011 20:56

Your New Company

 I've no experience of how good/fast they are but offer new company formation for £16.99+VAT.

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22nd Jun 2011 22:03

I have always used Company Registrations Online.  They may be a tad more expensive than the budget ones out there but the service and quality of what you get back is worth it.  It takes about two hours to set up a company once you've submitted your data.  That means that if you've ordered before 3 you'll most likely get an e-mail with the Incorporation Certificate and Article on the same day, and if you've ordered hard copy documents with the registers they'll turn up the next day.


Who ever you choose though, make sure they are a member of ACRA, The Association of Company Registration Agents.

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By Old Greying Accountant
24th Jun 2011 12:06

I myself ...

... use Stanley Davis

I submitted the detail online last night around 1615, the certificate of incorporation was waiting in my in box this morning, arrived at 07.56, with a pdf of the M&A arriving at 09.50.

Basic cost is £16 plus £14 Companies House fee, plus whatever you want to spend on optional extra's - bound sets of M&A, company register, seal etc



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14th Nov 2013 14:18

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