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Companies House shareholder information

Companies House shareholder information

I have recently taken on a client who cannot remember what she put in her annual return from last year.  She has not kept a copy.  I have logged in to Webfiling and there does not seem to be an option to access annual returns from prior years.  What's the best way to get hold of this information?


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30th Mar 2011 10:37

CH Information

Go to the client company's page in CH. Click on the right hand side link "order information on this company"  where you will find all the documents listed, which you can order @ £1 per document

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30th Mar 2011 11:47

Shareholder information
Alternatively, you could look at the company register - after all what it contains should determine what goes in the annual return to CH.
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30th Mar 2011 11:49


 When logged into webfiling there is an option to order an e-mail of the current information.  This is under other tasks on rhs of page.  This will show the information included on the previous annual return and is free of charge.

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31st Mar 2011 05:31

what I do

What I do for every new limited company client - and over 50% have things on the register their previous accountant had not made them aware of! - is begin an Annual Return for the client.  In the process of doing this - takes 5 mins - you get to see all the info. about officers, shareholdings and so on.

once you have all of this and have set up your own version of the Register, simply abort the Annual Return until it is time to submit it.


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