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Company accounts software

I was interested in purchasing sage accounts production v6 from sage. They quoted me £650 and thereafter £650 pa for updates.

I have less than 10 clients and now work from home and would like your thoughts on the cost of this product or do you know of any other companies that can supply a product for producing Limited accounts format

Jack Itcovitz


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Have a look at PTP, 10 Company £120 + Vat. I'm in my 3rd yr with them and I've found it works for me and their support when need [on SA Tax] has been excellent.

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VT .. don't think about it ...just get it, the best investment you could make.

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VT Accounts for me
I tried PTP and it worked well for a while - but I did find a bug and because it was in the comparatives of the accounts they ranked it as 'not urgent', which meant it would be close to 6 months before I got a fix (it also happened to be around the time they were bought by IRIS so they had bigger worries than me spending £120 per year with them). The result was I had to send my client & HMRC accounts without comparatives on them!
I then moved onto VT Accounts which is working well. Also I have the reassurance that if I did come across a problem with accounts layouts - I am working in Excel and can do what i want with it.
Also as VT Accounts is not restricted to 10 clients I am happy to use it for unincorporated clients as well.

I do however still use PTP Coporation tax return software.

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Nothing touches it at the price and unless you have particularly complicated disclosures to manage then it will do you just fine.

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VT final accounts
£199 + VAT, £150 in subsequent years.

Just get it!!

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VT software

VT is brilliant .

I was with Forbes which was dire in every way. Accounts were appalling and help desk a joke.

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Forbes Accounts and Tax Software

I would not hesitate to recommend the above to all my MAIN RIVALS !!!!

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