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Company receiving payments on behalf of another company

A limited company has been asked to collect money into their account by an overseas company, in return they will receive 15% commission

This is ringing big alarm bells for me, but I think the heat has affected my train of thought, and I can't think of a way of explaining this to the client

Any help / pointers greatly appreciated


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Meanwhile in Nigeria


Sounds like a

money transfer scam to me (Money Laundering Fraud / Purchase Agent Fraud)

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or just possibly

Depending on whether they actually know the other company it MIGHT be an agency arrangement.

You would want to check it all out properly though so that there isn't any money laundering.....

So check how bonafide it is, and if they don't have an existing relationship that could be an agency or commision arrangement, I'd be very wary.

good luck



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This was on Moneybox last summer (Radio 4)

They advertise something, punter pays you, you pay them. They do not deliver, punter reclaims from you, they are not there any more!

Sometimes they run it genuinely for a few weeks to build up volume before they vanish.

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