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Company secretarial help

Company secretarial help

Who does everyone use for company secretarial work for clients


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07th Nov 2011 15:54

Stanley Davis

Hi- we handle 99% of Co Sec work ourselves but once or twice a year when something out of the ordinary crops up we used Stanley Davis. http://www.stanleydavis.co.uk/company-maintenance.asp

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07th Nov 2011 15:57

good to see good old stanley davis back where he belongs

first time round he sold out to Robert Maxwells MBC

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By matMSG
08th Nov 2011 11:06

CompaniesMadeSimple Cosec System


We, Companies Made Simple, offer a free to use ICAEW accredited Company Secretarial System. There is no download required and the system allows you to both form (for a fee) new Limited Companies and import already formed Limited Companies (free). Once signed up you can (all free unless otherwise stated):


Resign / Appoint Directors & SecretariesUpdate Director & Secretary informationUpdate the Registered OfficeChange the accounting reference dateFile a return of allotment sharesFile an annual return (for a small fee)

For more information please see http://www.whyuseanythingelse.com/

If you've any questions just send me a pm!



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By Flash Gordon
08th Nov 2011 11:39


The below is the answer I posted to a question about Companies Made Simple back in July - I now use companyformations 247 and would seriously recommend them, customer service at its best!


Don't touch them with a bargepole!Flash Gordon PM | Thu, 07/07/2011 - 09:13 | Permalink

I've formed a few companies with them and it was fine. But if you need any assistance from them then forget it, their customer service is atrocious. I needed to upload a document to go with an application and their uploading process wouldn't work. They tried telling me I didn't have a recent enough version of Adobe (I had 9 of Acrobat & 10 reader so not very convincing) and so on but took so long (a week to reply to one simple query) that I gave up and used another company instead. They took their own sweet time replying to my complaint too - I think that was averaging a week for each of my emails.

The replacement company I used was www.companyformations247.co.uk - absolutely excellent. I started the process just (like 5 mins) before 6pm and the company was formed and in my inbox at 7.49am the next day. I was seriously impresed. And it was the same price (give or take a £).

I might try the Companies House process some time as that's £30 for same day. But otherwise companyformations247 will be getting my money. It's when you get something a bit different happening that you find out what the service really is and Made Simple didn't live up to their name, 247 did.....

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By matMSG
08th Nov 2011 15:43

CompaniesMadeSimple Cosec System

We are sorry that you had a problem Flash Gordon, I have pm'd you my email address if you'd care to let me know exactly where you feel we went wrong.

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