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Company with no directors

 One of my client company hit financial problems and decided to cease trading. All the directors and Secretary resigned on the same day. What now happens to the company? Will CH strike it off? If so how long before they do?


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29th Mar 2011 14:07

No directors

Eventually CH will strike it off. The average in my experience is from first chasing letter re directors to strike off 6 months

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29th Mar 2011 14:14


 Thanks for the reply

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29th Mar 2011 16:53

How did they manage it?

Surely at least one must have been a director to complete the Co House return for the others? Probably academic anyway.

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By Monsoon
29th Mar 2011 17:23

No directors

If the director signs the form the same day he resigns, and he resigns a moment after he has signed the form, I guess technically that counts! Otherwise a sole director could never resign.

I had a few of these.

Resgined Dec 09, dissolved Jul 10

Resigned Jul 09, dissolved Jul 10 (the same date as the above!)

They obviously had a tidying up exercise in July 2010!

The directors are still responsible for their actions while directors of the company so if they acted irresponsibly before resignation they still can be liable for those actions.

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30th Mar 2011 09:23

No directors

A director who is terminating his office can also sign his termination form

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30th Mar 2011 15:29

There is actually a good reason for this...

If the situation deteriorates at a company, such that a director is unable to continue to fulfill their obligations as a director, they can at least both resign their role and also sign the companies house form to resign as a director.

If the form could only be signed by ANOTHER director, then this could be used in the power struggle, to prevent the director from leaving or negotiate the terms of their departure.

Don't tell me that wouldn't happen. I was once deeply grateful for the ability to sign my own 288b, just to escape the mad-house that an ill advised appointment of a new (dumb American) CEO had forced upon us. Happiest day of my life the day I left that company.


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By HanSolo
05th Aug 2013 10:12

Company winding up - sole director

On the topic of a company having no director because the sole director resigns; I face this particular scenario. The company has 2 shareholders - one of which is me. The majority shareholder Non-EU wants to close the business...and come to think of it, so do I now. The company has debtors and creditors to collect and pay respectively. If I were to resign and walk away, what would happen to the business (in its non trading state)? Im considering that I would need to wind the business down really and the fact that I would still be a former director and therefore still liable. Is this correct. Or could I tell the majority shareholder...'thats it, Ive done enough - its up to you now. Goodbye'!

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