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Company year end 28 Feb 2011 filing problems

I tried filing my company year end returns using the pdf method but the HMRC part wouldn't accept it, complaining about the date.

The company year end is 28th Feb 2011 and I am wondering if the fact that in 2012 it's a leap year that HMRC threw a wobbly?

The Companies House part went through no problems so it's definitely the HMRC computers giving the problem.

Has anyone else seen this problem? (The HMRC claim "they are not aware of any problems of this nature").

I contacted the help line and they said to send in the return on paper, which I did (in fact I faxed it, even better).

But now they won't accept it and want to impose a  £100 fine which I think is a bit rich considering I followed their instructions and it's their own fault. So I will of course appeal the fine. But any other experiences along the same lines would be useful backup material for the appeal.


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18th Apr 2012 09:44

I think HMRC expect two returns. 1 for the year to 28th February and i for the 1 day to 29th February. Had this problem four years ago.

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By a_q
18th Apr 2012 11:18

good tip for 2012 but I was having trouble with 2011!


It was 2011 I had to file.


The only reason I mention the leap year is because it's coming up next and I wondered if it was causing problems for 2011 too ;^)


Reading between the lines I expect you had no problems filing 2011 yourself (or you might have mentioned it).




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18th Apr 2012 12:00

what exactly did the error message say ?

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By a_q
18th Apr 2012 14:12

Something about the date being too late?


Can't member exactly, should have kept a screenshot.


Something about the year end date being too late as I recall.

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18th Apr 2012 14:44


I thought filing pdf with HMRC was no longer an option

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