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Computer falls asleep

Computer falls asleep

I leave my computer on and from time to time when I first use it in the morning I realise that the time and date will be say 10 hours behind. This is easily corrected but plays havoc with the scheduled back up and scans. Does anyone know what might be causing this ?


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By occca
06th May 2012 08:41

A couple of things

There are 2 things to look for :-

1. Virus

Have you got a virus on the machine that it causing this to happen

2. Battery replacements

There is a battery on the motherboard that stores all the time and date info - this might need replacing - apparently cheap and you can probably do it yourself

I hope this helps


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By Ned
to RedFive
06th May 2012 10:02

Thanks for the advice I will try both

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06th May 2012 14:37

Probably the motherboard battery

I would lay money on it.

Easy to change and cheap as chips!

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10th May 2012 11:51

Your Time Zone may be wrong if it's always 10 hours out.
Double click the clock in the bottom right hand corner and check that your time zone is GMT London / Lisbon.

If your connected to a server the workstation will take it's time from the server, so check the servers clock isn't the one that's wrong.


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10th May 2012 11:58

some more options

If it's the motherboard battery on it's way out then it should lose time at a fixed rate. If you leave it on for 2 days is it then 20 hours behind??

If not then it's likely to be synching it's time from an incorrect source. As tomsk100 pointed out it could be a server but i have also seen this happen when a mobile device such as a blackberry or iphone has been connected and synchronised with the PC.

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10th May 2012 12:05

Are you networked?

If you are on a local area network, you may find your workstation is taking the time from the server and the server's clock may need resetting.  Alternatively you can, through the date and time function, in Control Panel disconnect from the synchronisation.  If you are not in a network you could set your computer to synchronise with an internet time source through the same function.

I found this out when for several weeks, I would correct the time on my workstation only to find it seemed to lose several minutes when I logged in the next day.

If it is a virus, a possibility as occca suggests, it may be sitting in your back ups as well.  You will need to scan them as well.

Also, when I were a lad I seem to recall the time on the motherboard could be different from that in the Windows OS.  The result was that you would set your time in Windows but the next time it powered up it would reference the motherboard for the time.  I do not know if this is still the case and if it is how to fix it.  I must stop reminicising as I am now longing to see the dear old DOS prompt and Supercalc 4.


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10th May 2012 12:10

Autosync time.

The motherboard battery should make no difference when a computer is left on.

You can set auto time sync:-

How to synchronize the time with the Windows Time service in Windows XP.





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10th May 2012 13:18

Time zone wrong

Good thinking Tomsk100 - I agree it's most likely to be the time zone also. Do check & let us know, Ned.

Typically a dead battery only causes this if the computer gets disconnected from power. NB: that's not the same as shutting down or going into standby/hibernation, but actual power supply being turned off, unplugged or turned off at the socket. Power presence on the motherboard usually keeps its onboard clock going to it's own degree of accuracy, unless there's a big issue with that (although very unlikely IMHO).

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10th May 2012 15:09

Are you using Windoze?

subject says it all ........ excuse my flippancy ........

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to Accountant A
11th May 2012 16:12

What's your point?

KH wrote:

Are you using Windoze?

subject says it all ........ excuse my flippancy ........

Flippancy excusable subjectively if you elaborate on what particular relevance the Operating System has to the issue in question :)

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10th May 2012 15:58

it's that little bit "doze" in Windows ....

The header to this set of postings was "computer falls asleep" ... which you can expect if you run a Windoze operating system .... No? As in computer dozing off ... etc.

OK, so it's a pathetic joke, but then I'm a pathetic accountant, and it made this little pathetic accountant smile ... so I'm also very easy to please. Or maybe it's just one of those days.....

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By DMGbus
10th May 2012 18:29

Control Panel / Power Options

This will NOT solve the clock going wrong / losing time - this is most likely a motherboard battery that needs replacing.   Replacing the motherboard battery is very easy.


I suspect that the computer in question has TWO issues.

Firstly the motherboard battery as already mentioned, secondly unsuitable Power Option settings.

So, here's how Power Options are reviewed / amended (Windows 7):

Control Panel

Select Power Options

Select Edit Plan Settings

See what settings are present - they may well require adjustment.  Personally I have the following settings:

Dim the display - after 1 hour

Turn off the display - after 5 hours

Put the computer to sleep - Never (fed up of times in the past when a "sleeping" computer will not revive - easy solution - select "Never" here). 





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