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Continuity of Practice


I would like some help regarding the writing up of continuity of practice document.

I have set up a company to practice under and am applying for a practicing certificate non audit (PC) from ACCA. One requirement is that under the Memorandum and Articles of Association there is provision covering the arrangements of the continuity of the practice in the event of my death or becoming incapable of carrying on, as i will be the holder of the PC, the other director will not hold a PC. Does anyone know how we do this? I know how to amend the AOA. Does anyone know of the wording needed to draw up the agreement and if the PC holder is the one to die or become incapable does the remaing director have to join up with a PC holder or agree to transfer the clients to someone who has a PC?

We are a small new company recently set up offering accounting,bookkeeping and taxation services to small and medium businesses as well as sole traders and partnerships. We will not hold an audit PC. Our client base will be small.

Any help would be useful.

Many thanks.



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17th Jan 2012 22:27

I seemd to recall there is model in ACCA rules which is a guideline agreement to use and there is more info in the rules

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By occca
17th Jan 2012 22:45

I know this isn't your question but

have your checked with the PI people that you can have a non qualified director as I had a problem with this before

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By occca
17th Jan 2012 22:46

In reality

The other director could drop the qualifications from the practise name and carry on

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