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Corp Tax - HMRC enquiry

Corp Tax - HMRC enquiry

Financical year ends 31st Oct 2007, Submitted CT return Sept 2008 ( before the 12 months ). BUT our friends at HMRC have notified me that they are opening an enquiry - their first letter dated 2nd Jan 2009

Can they do this - there is no suggestion of fraud, only a large director loan write off.
Thoughts V helpful
Robert Guy


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04th Feb 2009 13:32

"Only" a large director loan write off.
That should do it.

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04th Feb 2009 13:25

pretty strange..........
..........query, Robert.
Are you implying that HMRC is unable to enquire into a tax return unless it has evidence of fraud?
Now, that WOULD be nice !! Perhaps AWeb should start a campaign along those lines.

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04th Feb 2009 12:56

Within time
Seems within the right timescale.

For an AP ending 31/10/07, filing deadline was 31/10/08. Enquiry window ends 31/10/09 so well within that timeframe.

For APs ending after 31/3/08, enquiry window for most companies (other than in large groups) will be 12 months from date of filing.

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