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Corporation Tax Loss - Carry Back

Silly question but how do you carry back a trading loss for corporation tax? Do I have to amend last year's return to include the loss from this year?


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Obviously make sure the carry back is noted in the comps and tick the box on page 1 of the return "a repayment is due for an earlier period". 

I also attach a letter to the return to highlight it and then send a copy of the letter with another one, a month later, when they ignore it!

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27th Feb 2013 11:11


Hi Paul,

Thanks for that! Shame it's not automatic and has to be done as a seperate claim - means someone will have to actually process it... HMRC don't seem to be very good at doing that!

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By blok
27th Feb 2013 11:16


I redo the previous years tax return showing the repayment due.

Happy to stand corrected if that is not the correct procedure!  It has worked thus far.

I do recall asking HMRC what the corect procedure was, but I may as well have asked my 10 month old daughter.

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27th Feb 2013 15:46

Adjust previous CT600

blok wrote:

I redo the previous years tax return showing the repayment due.


I've always done it this way.  Adjust previous CT600 and re-submit on-line, showing new tax due and tax actually paid.  Tax repayment then follows relatively quickly.

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27th Feb 2013 11:21


Yeah that's what I've been doing as well but someone asked me what was the correct procedure and I just didn't know!

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27th Feb 2013 16:57

I always amend the previous year too.  Ensure you put a tick on page 1 of the previous year amendment that a repayment is due for this year, and a tick against repayment due for previous year on the loss year's return.  Saves having to write.

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01st Mar 2013 09:42

All online
I have always shown the loss to be carried back in my computations, tick the 'repayment due for earlier year' box on page 1 of CT600 and simply submit that online in the normal manner. HMRC have always processed the loss carry back automatically and issued a refund, no need to revise previous returns or send by post. Perhaps I've been lucky to date.

I always prepare a profits/loss summary in excel for my own internal purposes to keep track of previous years profits and losses carried back.

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