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Corporation Tax Reference needed urgently

Corporation Tax Reference needed urgently

 Hi there,

I sincerely hope someone can help me. I am an accountant in Scotland, and need to get my Corporation Tax Agent Reference as soon as possible. I have gone through numerous telephone numbers and cannot get anyone to help me on this.

The accountant who used to work from my office retired in 2008, and is still the registered Corporation Tax Agent for this address. I need to have the reference transferred to me and to get the reference so that I can file my clients Corporation Tax Return online. I use Drummohr Tax Assistant, and don't know if I can file online with that without being registered as an agent for Corporation Tax.

Please can somebody point me in the right direction???




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21st Jun 2011 20:04

Try registering in your own name

Do you need to transfer the reference?  If you are nothing to do with the previous accountant (presumably you aren't since they retired so long ago) surely you should be applying for your own reference.  I had applied so long ago that I had forgotten I ever had and HMRC wouldn't give me any codes so I had to re-register - it didn't take very long.

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By Soctty
22nd Jun 2011 14:58

I have tried registering in my own name, but have met with only problems.  worked for the previous accountant, but no longer keep in touch with him.

I have also been given telephone numbers to get through to the CAAT which do not relate to them at all. I have now managed to register one of the companies I am filing for this month on their own online account, but the other company cannot find it's log in details to do the same for them - their bookkeeper is on holiday.

I am hopeful I will hear from CAAT soon on my own registration. The reason I never changed the registration is that I was doing returns on paper so it didn't really matter, but now the online filing has caught me on the hop a little.


Thank you for your response. 

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23rd Jun 2011 11:07

Good luck

Sometimes it seems to me that it takes longer tojump through these hoops than it does to do the work!

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By Soctty
23rd Jun 2011 11:12


It does indeed. And the fact that you cannot actually speak to somebody without going through endless options on phone calls speaking to people who know next to nothing about what you want to know. 

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