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Corporation Tax UTR

Corporation Tax UTR

A new corporate client has come my way, and I'm preparng to file the CT600 online.

I have the 10 digit UTR, but not the 3 digit suffix, so HMRC reject the submission.

Any idea how I can find the missing 3 digits (NB client has no info on this)?



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17th Apr 2012 10:39

Use the HMRC CT locator

Type in the postcode of the company's registered office (available on Companies House website) and use this link

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17th Apr 2012 11:18

Office Codes

Stoke Group- 687

Merthyr Tydfill - 456

Central London - 020

Can't recall any others at the moment as the majority of mine are 687 or 456.

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29th May 2012 14:00

Corporation Tax UTR

A client has emailed for his limited company's UTR.

I have not asked why. Wonder if he has found a new accountant.

Any idea why he could conceivably need it? All filing etc are up to date.


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