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Correction of Entry

I have recorded ,while writting my Bank Book,one Receipt in Sage's Suspense Account 9998 , Later i found this receipt was from one of the customer.

Journal and File> Maintenance Correction both does not allow me to correct this entry.

How can i correct this?
Rehan Arain


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or post a credit note
to the customer coding it to 9998

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sage entry correction
If the transaction hasn't been marked as reconciled you can reverse or delete the suspense transaction item under file mainteneance, and then post the receipts as it should habve been.

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Correction of Entry
There are various ways to do this. Try this one.

1 - post a bank payment to nominal code 9998 to reverse the receipt you have made. Make sure you use the same Tax Code (T?) as you used to post the receipt.

2 - Post the customer receipt in the normal way.

3 - In the Bank Reconciliation screen, clear / match the two items generated above.

I hope this helps.

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