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Creative Accounting

Creative Accounting

What is creative accounting?

How creative accounting to be adopted in architectural firm?
Vivi Yahya


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01st Sep 2000 09:47

Walk before run; basics before creativity
A question as to what is creative accounting suggests you have need a basic accounting support. When you have a good accountant doing the basics well you can then start thinking about creativity.

Creative accounting is not just fiddling the books. It will mean accounting in such a way as to best represent your numbers. This may be achieved by selecting the better of two legal alternatives

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29th Aug 2000 13:25

Creative Accounting
Obviously I agree with the statement made by Neil Eglintine, but Vivi Yahya did ask about creative accounting, not the ethics. I would suggest that Vivi reads 'Creative Accounting' by Ian Griffiths first published in 1986 by Waterstone & Co Ltd, and later reprinted by Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd. My reservation would be, that what may just have been acceptable then in 1986 is certainly not now, but at least Vivi can read the facts.

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By neileg
25th Aug 2000 09:41

Are you serious?
Creative accounting essentially means fiddling the figures to give you the answer you want!
I can't see many professionals owning up to how this might be applied in any particular commercial sector!

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