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Credit Focus by Barclays

Credit Focus by Barclays

Just wondered if anyone else has tried this and what they thought.

For non Barclays customers its a free credit search.

My thoughts - what a waste of time. Incidentley it shows my current score was low and where it gets the figures from I truly dont know - fiction springs to mind.

Conclusion - dont bother


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By Anonymous
18th Sep 2008 09:58

Barclays only
Sadly you can only get it if you are a Barclays customer - unless you pay for it.

When you register you have to input all of your bank details.

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By Anonymous
17th Sep 2008 21:17

What's The Number?
Hey Nik,

Son numero uno had a wobble opening his student bank account the other day - shouldn't have been a prob because we've always been A1 credit-score, regardless of whether we've been down to our last few few sheckles or rollin' in it like Lady Heather.

So I'd like to have a free bash at Orwell's Experian - do you have a url?

Yours hopefully,
Royal Bank of Scotland Customer

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