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CT online filing

CT online filing

Not so much a question but somewhere to rant!

HMRC's CT computer, the new one to deal with iXBRL, which we had to comply with by 1 April 2011, will not be updated for the March 2011 Budget updates until October 2011, therefore it is not possible to file comps & accounts for periods ending after 1 April 2011 until they get their act together in the Autumn.

I found this out today when trying to file a client's 30 April 2011 comp, I am totally outraged by this.

Does anyone else have any experience of this?


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28th Jul 2011 19:20

Oh yes!

Building up a nice stash of forms to submit once HMRC can be bothered to get up to date.   But then when you consider that they ran out of paper last month, making the statements on account late for the July SA payments, nothing surprises me any more.  They are a complete shambles.  Their focus seems to be on sorting out rogue agents at the moment, rather than doing the job they are supposed to be doing.

If they went into business, they would be bankrupt in 5 minutes.

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28th Jul 2011 19:33

I avoid

I don't have any company clients with 30 April year ends. I recommend that all my clients change to 31 March year ends due to considering tax efficiency with personal/company tax.

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29th Jul 2011 10:46

re ct online filing

The big worry is that when it finally gets up to date, the system will be overloaded and crash, causing further delays. Also if they can't get their act together for this year, why will it get better next year.

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29th Jul 2011 12:14

From memory

I don't think this is the first time this has happened - I remember a similar situation last time the ct rate changed.  It is a few years ago now though as the rate has been changed for a while, so many probably were not filing on line back then. At least you had the option to file by paper then though.

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30th Jul 2011 16:23


I have resorted to send mine in on paper with a covering letter - stating it has not been possible to file online.

My concern is that if I wait to file online - the enquiry period gets extended!!!

Also- as someone pointed out there is every possibility that HMRC's website will go down due to the high volume of submissions in October.

I have not had any response from HMRC yet - as to wether or not the paper copies are acceptable - but suppose the response will vary from Office to Office. 

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