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CT Online Filing - how?

CT Online Filing - how?

I'm with Taxcalc and they can't file CT600s online at present where the year end is after 31.03.11. The HMRC website is the same. Apparently it won't be updated until the autumn. Is all CT software subject to this problem? We can't file by paper anymore and yet it would seem we can't file online, so what am I supposed to do? Just wait till the autumn? I've got a client whose company is ceasing but how am I supposed to agree the final CT position if I can't file the return?????

If other companies are managing then I need to change software......


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03rd May 2011 15:08

Back end

It is not a problem with the sending end (your vendor or any other) or the HMRC front end -- it is the HMRC back end.

It will affect all software (including ours!). We calculate using the new rates - and then it is rejected.

In the past you could have filed on paper and the HMRC would not have processed it for a few months.

It is always a slightly odd situation when there is a CT change in the budget. Even though it applies from April is it actually "law" yet ?

David Forbes

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03rd May 2011 16:13

File a paper version and explain the problem

I can't see HMRC objecting.

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03rd May 2011 16:21


Its absolutely maddening. I seem to recall this all started several years ago when there was a major change change to the system overnight (the starting rate of CT removed in 2006) and now it seem entrenched. Prior to that I am pretty sure you could efile all year.

My understanding was this was how HMRC workflow now operates and the original reason (unexpected change) has been forgotten about.

I would be suprised if it was a legal thing or they would not be able to process the paper copies which DID (last few years) get processed in a couple of weeks.  They certainly didnt stack them up until the autumn. 

I was planning on sending in paper copies myself and see what happens....



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03rd May 2011 18:25

for year ends after 310311

why worry wait  a bit

as a matter of good form you should surely wait a little longer after the year end before finalising accounts anyway, non?

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By Flash Gordon
03rd May 2011 19:14

Cheers for all the responses. My main issue is a 30 April year end where the client has ceased trading earlier in the financial year and I've done the final set of accounts. Obviously without submitting the CT600 HMRC can't agree the final liability and so we can't close the company...... Why don't they think about practicalities?

Anyhow I'll follow advice and submit a paper copy with a covering letter. Luckily most of my clients are 31 March y/ends....

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04th May 2011 12:21

Accounts to cessation

How about preparing and filing the accounts to the date of cessation rather than to the accounting reference date of the Company. This should solve the problem?


-- Chris Root - Director AAA Tax & Accounting Services Ltd

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By cnb
04th May 2011 13:01

Accounting period end

An accounting period ended when the company ceased to trade. You should notify HMRC and file a return to that date in any event.

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04th May 2011 13:07

come on

its going to take you 3 months at least to close the company down under s 1000 so calm down

it is highly unlikely that your computataions are to be challenged so why not write to HMRC anyway and let them know your intended course of action - you can either send them a paper return with the accounts or let them know you wil  file when the software allows   

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By maldeco
04th May 2011 14:59

I had the same issue last year, well at least i got a warning on taxcalc telling me not to file the return. Something to do with the latest finance bill not having got royal assent yet. Therefore tax rates could still change, however, i took a chance, ignored the warning, and attempted to file. It was successful.

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