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CT600 question

CT600 question


I've just started filling out the CT600 pdf and am on the Profit & Loss section.

There are columns for 2008 and 2009:

The accounting period is from November 2008 to October 2009.

Is the 2008 column for:

a) The 2008 part of the accounting period? or
b) The previous accounting perioid?

Any help much appreciated.


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17th Jan 2010 19:56

What software?

What software is this?

I only complete the accounts period and one or two chargeable periods.


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By occca
17th Jan 2010 20:36

HMRC Software?

Are you using HMRC software?

You do know that you can upload ready prepared accounts don't you

If you're going to do it this way though, 2008 is for the previous year, exactly the same as a normal set of accounts


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17th Jan 2010 20:37

Thanks for the reply

The software (well it's more of a document than software really) is the PDF version of the CT600 form, which I downloaded from the HMRC website.

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17th Jan 2010 20:44

Thanks occca

Hi occca,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, it's the HMRC software I'm using. When you say it's for the previous year, do you mean it's for the accounting period from the previous year? So this return I'm doing now is for Nov 08 - Oct 09 and the previous one was for Nov 07 - Oct 08. Should I use the values from that previous return?

Many thanks for your help.

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By occca
17th Jan 2010 21:20


This is the accounts that you are preparing, which have to be in a statutory requirement

You must show the comparatives for 2008 on the accounts - ie the previous years figures that you have already agreed with HMRC

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17th Jan 2010 22:13


Thanks very much for your help

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