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ct600 return help

ct600 return help

Hi I need to return a ct600 from 2010. Which having gone through my accounts turned over £14761 however the profits were 0 as throughout the period myself and 2 others would invoice the company to share any money available.

Is this correct, and do I need to declare these deductions/invoices anywhere?



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23rd Feb 2012 09:49

Please get an accountant

There are so many unasked questions in your question it is almost impossible to make a sensible answer.

Yes transactions with related parties must be disclosed in the accounts.


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23rd Feb 2012 10:25

Surgeons R Us

Go to SurgeonWeb and you will find the OP asking questions about brain surgery!

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By mdacre
23rd Feb 2012 11:55

The accountant who set it up a few years back is on holiday. Plus I'm abroad so can't get access to a UK accountant in such little time. I will declare the turnover but put profit down as zero and see if they come back with anything.

I will read the help sheet again and see if I can find the box to declare outgoings.

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23rd Feb 2012 12:14

You need...

You need to file the return electronically and attach a copy of the accounts in xbrl format otherwise the return will be rejected.....  What accounts have you filed at Companies House?

The profit or loss needs to agree with that declared in the accounts and then adjusted for anything that requires an adjustment under the taxes acts, eg depreciation etc.

You really do need an accountant unless you are familiar with the tax legislation and companies act.

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23rd Feb 2012 12:14

Nice holiday

Your accountant has been on holiday since 2010??? That is one lucky accountant!

@Peter ... you gave me a real belly laugh with your response :)

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23rd Feb 2012 12:41


Shirley, I am in that kind of mood!

mdacre, you go abroad and wait until now to try to file a 2010 tax return? You do know it is February 2012? Why don't you talk to the accountant who set up the company when they come back from holiday?

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