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Data source reference is not valid in Pivot Table

Recently, I have been getting this error messge when I try to create a Pivot Table from Table in excel 2007. I have checked every single column and there is no empty one. I am really getting annoyed as the same data which have imported from CRM system some times work and other times does not work. If I also convert my data in to a range and try to insert PT, I get the same error.
Please help!


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30th Jul 2011 07:52

Some thoughts

Try saving the datasource under a new filename in Excel (CRM filenames and temp directories are known to cause problems)

Some other thoughts:

Any unlabelled hidden columns?

Is the Pivot table picking up the correct range?

Is the range defined by cell references or by a range name? If the latter, what name?

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01st Aug 2011 12:12

Data source reference is not valid in Pivot Table
Hi Paul,
You are right!
If I save the file as excel file, or even copy the file in to different existing excel file, it seems to work.
Thanks for your hlep!

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