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Date on Corporation Tax Change of Office forms?

Today I've received several envelopes with dozens of Corporation Tax Change of Office forms.

They are dated 17 April 2009.

Did the buffoons get the month wrong or have they been sat in a warehouse for a month?
Peter Saxton


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20th May 2009 13:54

But why is there a problem?

Thank you.

But why is there a problem?

I print letters and send them the same day. I know I don't have to deal with the quantity HMRC deal with but I would thought that would not impact on their ability to post letters.

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20th May 2009 12:52

This is the date of print out and not the date of issue.

I am on the 'working together' at Suffolk and N Essex team (I am an agent) and HMRC are aware of the problem...... only really relevant I suppose on penalty problems or appeals.................and obviously both would require an appeal to rectify

They are however reviewing this! Not perfection I know but it is the answer!

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