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Deferred Tax

Deferred Tax

Taken over company client assets revalued at 31st March 2011 but no provision for deferred  tax would companies house accept amended accounts.The amount is substantial.

Previous Accountant has agreed that provision should have been made.

Many thanks for advice and response.


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16th Jan 2012 11:20

no as a general rule

you usually need a court order to remove docs from the register, and if you submit another set out of time they may fine you ,if you want to you could always re do the comparatives on the current set

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16th Jan 2012 11:28

Yes, but ...

... Companies House would merely add the amended accounts to the public register, without removing the original ones - otherwise, as Carnmores has already said.

However, are you sure that the accounts need amending?  Deferred tax is not normally provided on asset revaluations.

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16th Jan 2012 12:35

Prior year restatement

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the generally accepted method to present a prior year restatement in the next accounts, to correct the error?

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