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Dell monitor


This is a question where some IT person may be able to help.

I have a Dell computer, and I keep getting a dialog box appearing which states the name of the monitor (E...P) and then has various options, e..g Exit, settings. The problem is that it just appears in front of the work I am doing, but does not respond to either mouse or keyboard.

There is also a padlock which appears, sometimes locked, sometimes unlocked, which similarly does not respond to mouse / keyboard.

Has anyone come across this and can anyone help .... as it's driving me mad!!??

Thank you.



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18th Oct 2011 10:25

Is your desk untidy?!

It sounds as though you are accidentally hitting the menu button on the front of the monitor!

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18th Oct 2011 10:53

Yup sounds like monitor menu

Try pressing the menu button on the monitor and see if it's the same one.  Maybe your monitor is broken.

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18th Oct 2011 11:18

Dell monitor

Ah, ok ....I should have pointed out that it is my home computer, so will check your tips later.

Richard, the desk is not untidy, and the keyboard  and mouse are quite far from the monitor.

Thanks very much for your interest. I will report back.



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19th Oct 2011 10:18

Partly resolved

Thank you landscaper, the padlock has gone.

The dialog box keeps coming up persistently, regardless of us pressing  the monitor menu button.

If any other tips, they will be gratefully received, otherwise I will take the monitor to the local computer shop.

Thanks, SA


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