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Department code in Sage


We are using department codes in Sage for different business areas.  We have the following scenario..

A customer will take multiple services from different business areas but will pay in one transaction.

What we want to do is to show the incoming cusotmer payment to the correct department code, otherwise when you run the departmental BS, the debtors figure shows no payments received.

It appears it can be done as when you look in Sage at a payment that has been split between different invoices there is a field for department code next to each split line, but I cannot figure it out!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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27th Jun 2012 16:53


Depending on the version of Sage you have, there will a Dept button at the bottom of the Bank -> Customer Screen that allows you to do this.

If that option is not there, the only alternative is to edit the transaction to add the department after the Sales Receipt has been posted.


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27th Jun 2012 16:57

Hi John,

I have tried to do this, the problem I have is that I cannot see how to split the payment into department codes...




We had a receipt in for £1000 from a customer that has been matched off against their invoices.

One of these invoices is for a particular business area and the invoice has the department code 23.

If I look into maintenance, Sage will only let me change the dep code for the whole payment, not just the part that was paid to the particular invoice in question....

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27th Jun 2012 17:05


Ah, you can't split a single receipt in to multiple departments, as a receipt only has a single 'split'.  You'd need to make separate receipts, one for each department.



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27th Jun 2012 17:06

I was afraid of that!  Thanks

I was afraid of that!  Thanks John

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