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Director's incorrect date of birth

I've just noticed a new company we set up last week has the incorrect date of birth for the director.  How can this be corrected?


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04th Feb 2013 11:50

If you have been able to create a new company why not ...

Complete and submit a form CH01.

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04th Feb 2013 12:04

Need to teminate and reappoint director.

You cannot change a director's date of birth on a form CH01.  

See my earlier thread on this subject

Best solution is to remove the director and immediately reappoint using the correct date of birth details.

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04th Feb 2013 15:52

Log in to Co House online and simply edit the details.

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04th Feb 2013 16:07

I am guilty of a terminological inexactitude.

Brugesbear wrote:

Log in to Co House online and simply edit the details.

Hmm, just tried it and the DOB field isn't available, Ignore me. 

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By marks
04th Feb 2013 23:17

i got the same problem

I have the same problem with a client who I sent up a limited company a few weeks ago.  At the meeting seemingly I took down their wrong date of birth.

When I spoke to Companies House they said there was no provision available  to change the date of birth for a director who has incorporated and that I should seek "legal advice".

Decided to follow my own advice and doing what was suggested above, resignation of wrong director details and appointment of correct directors details once my client gets their authentication code from Companies House through.

Just as well you reminded me as was going to chase client up for the code today but will do tomorrow.




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