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Dismiss Valentine's Day

I just got back from my Sunday Tesco shopping. So many men rushing around buying flowers/chocs for their whoever. Why do men leave it to the last minute - is is something in our genes? Or do men look for last minute bargains!

I would say dismiss Valentine’s Day since it is superficial and consumerist that makes new couples anxious, old ones stressed, and singles depressed.

I love this - last year Saudi police released a strongly worded statement prohibiting stores from selling items that are red, heart-shaped or otherwise related to Valentine’s Day, which is banned in that country.

Dismiss Valentine's Day and keep Sunday's Special law. It will make me really happy!

Rant over.


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Oh dear ...........

You want to ban valentines day ?

You want Sundays to be like every other day ?

If I recall correctly you're not keen on Christmas either ?

I think you need to get a life, you're obviously a very miserable person who dislikes any kind of celebration and wants to stop others enjoying them too. 

Are you sure you're living in the right country?  Maybe communist North Korea or perhaps Iran would be more to your taste?


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Men are life's procrastinators

My wife gets things done straightaway. My motto is - Don't put off 'til tomorrow what can possibly be left 'til next week.

Cds correct. Enjoy life a bit more. It's very satisfying giving something to another just for the sake of it.

Now where did I put those roses???

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Now where did I put those roses???


Posted by SteveOH on Sun, 13/02/2011 - 19:01


Probably still in the shop if you're anything like me.                        

Getting things in advance is sooooo boring - half the fun is trying to track down the last bunch of roses in town one minute before the shops shut :)


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last minute dot com

I shall be popping into Tesco tomorrow for last minute and hopefully discounted red roses, chocs an a couple of steaks along with a nice bottle of asti and i shall enjoy cooking for my lovely wife, going out on this day for a meal is rubbish, reduced menus, inflated prices and young lovers, yuk.


Happy valentines!

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Valentines -- pah!

My wife and I celebrate our love by not making each other go out and buy overpriced tat! There have to be better ways of showing you care --- use some imgagination --- don't make me draw a diagram!

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You absolutely must read "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" if you haven't already.  I can guarantee you won't regret it.

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Missed it

Sorry, I missed the accountancy question in this debate. Would you mind repeating it? Thanks.

-- Kind regards Andy

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Someone needs to lighten up, and try to resist being a constant black cloud drifting around the forum.


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How can you ask someone to lighten up, given your initial contribution to this thread? (The message of which I agree with, if not the tone in which it is expressed.)

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Actually, I think Valentines day is a perfect opportunity to say "thank you for putting up with a boring workaholic partner during the December and January deadlines" and is an ideal holiday for accountants and their other halves.

I think it's fairly sad if you don't think it's worth buying a card or a little present for your partner once a year. 


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I have been misunderstood

I am not saying don't buy presents but not target just one day a year. It just too boring. Give you whoever when it is least expected.

14/2 is just over the top in  the shops. This thread shows, just beacuse I refuse to paricipate on 14/2, it is assumed I have a problem.

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Great for the unattached

It used to be fun to get valentines from unknown  people before I was attached.  Not so great when you got nothing!

Once you are no longer single, it loses the thrill, but it is a good excuse to eat chocolate (and put some of that weight back on)

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It used to be fun to get valentines from unknown  people before I was attached.  Not so great when you got nothing!


Posted by taxhound on Mon, 14/02/2011 - 19:00


Could be worse - like something arriving when its NOT from your other half :)


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It's just a bit of fun

I agree it's a bit of fun, although vastly overrated.  My oh and I buy each other little gifts etc at any time of the year, doing it because someone says to on a particular day can be a bit naff.  Still wouldn't risk not getting a card though!

But the look on my 10 year old son's face this afternoon when he'd got two cards and no idea who one of them was from was great.  A mixture of embarrassment and great pride!!  I love it!

Must dash and cook the Waitrose meal for 2...

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