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Client does not know and employer is too tight to buy FT Dividend book. Could anyone tell me what dividends the following company's paid in 2007/2008?

1) BAA Plc
2) BT Plc
3) Alpha Airports

Many thanks in advance


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18th Nov 2008 09:13

Check-out this website
Go to Northcote Data website they will give you, free of charge, any dividend rate for any company in the last few years. This is a really excellent site. For future reference, Trustnet is another useful site that will give you the dividends/interest paid on most Unit Trusts.

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By sonners
17th Nov 2008 14:08

Be careful with the BAA holding - time is running out...
BAA was taken over by Airport Development and Investment Ltd on 26 June 2006. Shareholders received either cash or unsecured loan notes. If your client took the loan notes then you need to discuss with them how these are being redeemed as the last redemption date is June 2009. They can only now be redeemed before that in December 08 but you will be nearing the cut off deadline for requesting some notes to be redeemed. Depending on the gains involved your client may wish to split the gain over 08/09 and 09/10 in order to take advantage of both annual exemptions.

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17th Nov 2008 12:54

I find going to a particular companies website to be the easiest and cheapest way of obtaining historical dividend data.

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By Anonymous
13th Nov 2008 18:46

Investor Relations
In BT's case you can get that information from their website. The other two aren't publicly traded I don't think so you may struggle.

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By Anonymous
14th Nov 2008 11:08

Change jobs
I realise that this is not a good time to be thinking about it, but if your employer won't furnish you with the tools to do your job, you should move on.

Does he give you a desk and stationery?

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By Anonymous
13th Nov 2008 19:00

Northcote Data
Have a look here. They list most companies divis.

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