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Dividends and remote office

Dividends and remote office

First is there a problem with a company having a remote office/mailing service.  This particular client is a small IT Contracting company and the director moves home regularly to be close to the contract sites which are all over the UK.  It will make my life easier as their accountant as address changes are an administrative nightmare.

Secondly when preparing the dividend paperwork it would not strictly be correct to say the meeting was held at the company "remote address" so should the address on the dividend paperwork be their temporary home?

Thanks in advance for your help


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By Sarah P
12th Apr 2012 21:40

Registered office needs to be a physical address, but this can be a serviced office for example, it doesn't need to be where the business is actually based.

And I agree hat the address on the minutes should be the physical location where they are based.

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12th Apr 2012 22:21

No and yes
No, no problem, so long as the service is reliable, and yes, temporary address on divi paperwork

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13th Apr 2012 08:36

It's not so much the dividend voucher as the minutes

The minutes which record issuance of a dividend should record the date, time and place the meeting was held regardless. It should also include the attendees at the board meeting where the dividend was approved and the fact that there was a necessary quorum for the dividend to be valid.

It doesn't matter where the meeting is held, it can be in McDonalds for all HMRC care, the important thing is that the dividend was validly issued.

If it makes life easier, provide your own address as the registered address for the company, but this should be a yearly chargeable event. I would suggest somewhere in the range £100 - £200 would be appropriate as it can bring hassles with it.

Alternately, the client is free to purchase a commercial mail forwarding service, which would be more expensive (probably).

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13th Apr 2012 10:44

Written resolution

Whilst I don't disagree that minutes of a meeting should record the place of the meeting, I would point out that a meeting is not necessary.  Under CA 2006, every resolution that can be passed at a meeting can be passed by a written resolution.  Assuming that you can contact the client by e-mail, just send him a written resolution as a .PDF file for him to print off, sign and post back to you from wherever he may be.

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