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Do i need to submit P11D's


If the income is above £8500 but no expense or benfits taken from company during tax year. Do i still need to submit P11D



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Do i need to inform HMRC

Thanks another simple question


Do i need to inform HMRC because last year i have submitted P11D to HMRC

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Unless you indicated on the P35 that P11Ds were due, in which case you may be chased for them, with unnecessary penalties being raised.

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P11D Submission

On your P35, if you have not declared that P11D submission will follow then you don't need to submit nor inform HMRC, if you have declared that you would submit a P11D but later have no P11D benefits then a Nil P11D has to be submitted, other wise just ignore it.



GTax Employee Management.


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See current article on this subject - about a month ago

This question comes up time after the editor asked me to write an article -

its here... 

To quote:

Submission is required where benefits and/or expenses (including those reimbursed) are provided by the company to:

All directors and employees earning in excess of £8,500 (in cash payments and /or benefit cash equivalent)full-time working directors earning less than the limit but owning more than 5% of the share capital

>> so no expenses/benefits = no P11D but read further on in the article ... best to obtain a Dispensation




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