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Downsizing Sage MMS

Downsizing Sage MMS

I have a client who is looking at moving from a very old Sage MMS(v1) system to Sage 50 as part of a stream lining project, has anyone performed one these upgrade?

I am used to moving from a small system to a large system but not the other way round.  Any tips of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!


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05th Jul 2012 11:08

Not simple,,,

Not simple as, (as you'll no doubt be aware) from the point of view of Sage's product hierarchy, MMS (now Sage 200) sits above Sage 50 so it is, effectively, a downgrade...

You'd be looking at extracting the data to CSV file (either via reports in MMS) or via ODBC and then manipulating those extracts in to files that Sage 50 can import.



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10th Jul 2012 15:41

MMS Version 1 Downgrade


Because it's MMS Version 1, it's all written in Sage Line 100 databases. You can use the ODBC driver for MMS to extract these into Excel. We're a Business Partner so we do this a lot. We use an Access 2007 database to auto-extract these files that one of our developers did. Have you got anyone who is good with Excel or Access ?


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