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Drummohr tax software

Anyone had any trouble with the latest version 19 update?  I am finding that the ixbrl attachments are not being recognised so CT600s are being rejected under code 9316, tells me to delete the pdf file and attach a recognisable ixbrl format file.  Drummohr is looking into it but I just wondered if I am the only one with this problem?


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It looks as if ...


no-one else using Drummohr has had this problem, orno-one else uses Drummohr.

I trust their Support will resolve the problem for you.

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I've not got that far as ever since I downloaded version 19 just over a week ago I can't access 2011 and 2012 personal tax returns or any corporation tax returns. 

Despite many e-mails, telephone messages etc I cannot Drummohr/IRIS to come back to me and I've just about reached the end with them. I have a couple of clients who are asking me to do their 11/12 tax returns and I cannot do them so it is costing me money.

I am looking elsewhere and I am very unlikely to be renewing with Drummohr when my licence expires in July.



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I have actually got it sorted now.  If you call them using option 3 then option 1 you should get through to the support people.  Only about a 3 minute wait.  I admit I never got anything back from emails to them but over several phones calls we managed to get it sorted.

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I'm glad I left

It was the prospect of poor support etc why I left them after they were taken over by the big boys.  Whilst they were independent (wasn't it husband and wife), their support was brilliant - never any queues on the phone and emails/faxes answered almost immediately.  After experiencing declining quality of support at other small software houses being taken over by the big boys, I moved away from Drummohr at the next renewal after their sell-out and never looked back.  The big firms really need to get their act in order as they just can't seem to offer decent customer support which is crazy when tiny firms manage it!

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So who are you with now, Ken?  And how do you rate them?  Are they reasonably priced?

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No issues

We've had no issues with the 2012 update, either for IT returns or CT returns.  We've also had no issues with support - in fact we've only needed to contact them about three times in the 12 years that we've used the program, only once under Iris.  The Iris issue was sorted out with no delays.

Iris are far from being my favourite company and as soon as I found out that they'd taken over I was looking for a fall back.  However, I'm not going to change for the sake of it, although I suspect that increasing prices will come into play when our current deal ends.  There's been no issue with product or service, though, unlike previous encounters with Iris

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I have used the for at least 13 years, before Iris took over they were really good with support, now they are awful.  I could not load the new version, no response to email, £10 spent on phone calls and never a call back, took 4 working days to get right!!!  let alone all my wasted time in holding on to their telephone line.

I have tax assisant which till this update the basic ct 600 with xrbl filing was available in 2010 and 2011, they now tell me I will have to spend another £200 odd for the full ct package and that I could not have done short CT returns online, well I did and they were not rejected. Then told that this was complimentary of them last year and I should not have had it.. So they do not seem too sure of  what was supposed to be available last year and 2010 with the package.

Anyway for sure I cannot this year, complained to a Sales Manager who said they do not want to lose my custom and that they would get back to me. No surprise no call as yet.

Would not recommend them anymore and seriously considering moving next year, since I signed up for 3 years I expected the same each year in the package.  Feel I have been hoodwinked.




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Reverting to type?

mary969 wrote:

Would not recommend them anymore and seriously considering moving next year, since I signed up for 3 years I expected the same each year in the package.  Feel I have been hoodwinked.


Quite reasonable to expect the same.  I'd walk if they tried that on me

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agree about the changes since acquired by IRIS. We moved to BTC 3 years ago.Great product and brilliant support.

Peter T

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