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DTE seminars, helplines etc

We've been contacted by DTE re their seminars etc. I'd never heard of them and a quick search of any answers doesn't throw up many references either. Does anyone use them? Are they worth considering? We currently use PTP and Sesca.



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By thomas
20th Feb 2012 11:18

I've used them, but have recently cancelled my membership.  I went to a seminar in Luton in Nov 2011 which I thought was great and very relevant to small businesses. Unforuntately there just werent enough seminars locally to justify the cost for me.  The speaker Mervyn ( I think) was really good, and discussed with the group rather than doing a big power point presentation which I liked.

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22nd Feb 2012 17:30


I've been a memeber of DTE Connect for many yeras and it is very useful.

The HQ is in ~Bury Lancs, and they run a number of tax clubs for small accountancy practitioners around the NW England.

They also have other branches to their empire . ie Insolvency,

Hope this helps



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