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Duplicate transactions on Sage JobCosting


Just wondering if anyone can help new to Sage Job Costing and did not realise that when you post a transaction i.e. a PI and have to delete it a credit should be raised through jobcosting rather than deleting through Sage Line50.

There were quite a few invoices posted in error and (fool that I am) I deleted them through Sage Line 50 and re-entered them on Sage Job Costing.

Now we have reports from Job Costing showing several transactions which are false, and totally confusing for our porject managers.

Does anyone know how to "clean" the reports up and get rid of wrong transactions?

We have Sage Cover but it does not extend to Joc Costing and don't want this this is a stab in the dark for a bit of help!!!



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Enter credits on job costing

Surely just enter as many credits that are needed via Job Costing until you are back at the correct figures?

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Could enter credits as you suggested through Job Costing and if they update to Sage Line 50 delete them from there (the supplier accounts are correct on Sage Line 50).  Just looks really messy and bit confusing for some of my colleagues who need these reports.  Wondered if there was a better way to tidy the reports up...the Sage helpline does have a method of doing this but wanted us to take out Sage cover. 

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Miscellaneous costs

I am not aware of a way to edit transactions once posted in Sage Job Costing.

You can use the miscellaneous cost feature to post charges or credits to the job records without these transactions being exported to Sage 50 Accounts. So if you have duplicated purchase invoices in Job Costing you can post a 'miscellaneous cost' credit to amend the entries in the job record. This will not 'tidy up' the job record though...

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Thanks for your that the misc option when allocating the specific cost to a job using a purchase invoice or purchase credit? There are duplicate entries at the moment which should not be there so getting the job costing reports back corrected is a priority be and I definitely don't want it to update to Line 50.

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No, the miscellaneous costs option is found in the Job Details module underneath job billing.

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Just want to say a BIG thank you for your help, have taken the advice and it has worked a treat :)

Thanks again!


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