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E-commerce software for small businesses

I am trying to research what software is available for dealing with e-sales (and e-refunds) from variety of web-sources: own website, eBay etc. and that will enable integration with accounting software such as Sage, but not necessarily restricted to that product.


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04th Jan 2013 14:52

For Sage two that I'm aware of are Tradebox Finance Manager and Zynk




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04th Jan 2013 14:52

For Xero

 Xero - for Accounting

OneSaas - which connects up  Website (running Magento), Ebay, Mailchimp (for e-mail shots) to Xero

And Xero has an automated feed from your paypal account

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10th Jan 2013 12:08

e-Refunds etc. integration with Accounts system ...

Complete Systems

By trying to retro-fit an eCommerce system to an existing desktop solution that was not initially designed to do this (Sage) you are starting from the wrong place, which in turn makes solutions infinately more challenging. Inevitably any solution to this will be some form of compromise file transfer from the eCommerce (stock control) system to the accounts package - horrid & un-necessary in todays environment

One step better is the Cloud web-service (api) route which allows relatively seemless transfer of data - but is still not the ideal solution. Although a lot of Cloud systems now opt for this approach as a 'cop out' or 'best of breed' route (depending upon ones cynicism) and spin on the topic

The optimum is a single integrated Cloud/SaaS system which contains it's own stock control, order processing etc.

It seems crazy with todays rich environments to choose retrograde products in order to fit with legacy (zombie) applications that should have been pensioned off long ago

Payment solutions are arguably the most important aspect of the whole eCommerce process and as well as the major players PayPoint, WorldPay etc. there is PayPal which is a hybrid that is actually not subject to normal 'credit card' indemnity and there have been issues about this in the past

Then there are costs involved (fixed, variable per card type) and the accompanying monthly charges by the provider and the bank, which all mount up

Future Payment

Payments by mobile phone are on their way, which will be very useful for those selling away from premises. However, they have been 'just around the corner' for the past 2 years

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10th Jan 2013 12:25


JC wrote:
Inevitably any solution to this will be some form of compromise file transfer from the eCommerce (stock control) system to the accounts package - horrid & un-necessary in todays environment

Not inevitable at all...

Taking Tradebox as the example, it uses an API connection wherever possible (eBay, Amazon, ChannelAdvisor, Magento, EKM, BigCommerce, Play to name a few) so there is no file transfer involved at all...



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10th Jan 2013 13:06

Your evaluation of Sage is incorrect.

We already have multi-channel international eCommerce clients using your recommended  "single integrated system which contains it's own stock control, order processing etc." using Sage. 

These clients also enjoy integrated Financials, Business Intelligence, CRM, e-Marketing .... they can even integrate their HR and Payroll systems. 

With respect, the crazy solution would be to anyone to consider a system that dismissed to importance of integrated Financials when it is so vitally important to control costs and acheive economies of scale in business processes today. 

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10th Jan 2013 12:19

For Sage

We are a Strategic Sage BP that have an end-to-end integrated solution into either Sage 50 or Sage 200 -





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10th Jan 2013 14:08

Data Exchange or NetSuite


Eureka Solutions are one of the UK's leading Sage Developers and offer Data Exchange for integrating Sage 50 or Sage 200 with 3rd party applications including websites.  We currently have this on hundreds of sites throughout the UK

Alternatively you could look at something like NetSuite's ecommerce product, SuitCommerce, which manages the whole business from end-to-end including website front end, financials, inventory and CRM.

Good luck with your search and I hope this helps. If I can be of any further assistance please let me know.

Kind regards,


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10th Jan 2013 15:09

Original Question Was eCommerce Related ...

@Carol D. Moore

Unfortunately your response really does not really address the specific issue of eCommerce in any of the Sage setups (L50, 200)

Naturally a great many legacy applications contain stock control, order processing etc. on a 'stand alone' basis; this has to be the case for any system residing on the desktop/locally.

They in turn pull/push data into another system(s) (eCommerce) and as such cannot possibly be regarded as a single integrated system in this respect. Furthermore, in many instances, customer order tracking information (despatch date etc.) & purchase history also needs to uploaded back to the internet for viewing - again demonstrating that they are not a single integrated system; but two systems communicating with each other

Your comment '.. they can even integrate their HR and Payroll systems ..' would also seem to indicate that the HR & Payroll facilities are exceptional in their ability to be used in this manner - when it fact it should generally be regarded as the norm in today’s systems

(all this is evidenced by @euanharris posting – ‘..Data Exchange for integrating Sage 50 or Sage 200 with 3rd party applications including websites ..’)

Once again my point is identified by the reference to NetSuite SuiteCommerce and their web site goes on to explain:

‘..NetSuite SuiteCommerce is the first commerce solution built with the idea that ecommerce is no longer a standalone channel but a core capability for B2B and B2C businesses. SuiteCommerce integrates ecommerce with core operational systems to meet rising customer expectations for a consistent experience across all touchpoints, from smartphones to call centres, from tablets to point of sale in virtually any country around the globe ..’

Failure to aim/achieve this goal results in disparate systems that are quite frankly not a single integrated system

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10th Jan 2013 15:49


Well argued!

Why is that when there is a mention of accounting system, the Sage apologist jump to sell their outdated product? Netsuite is a great on-line pieces of software. Currently I am working on Xero software. It may not have the functionality of Sage, but very user friendly. For me, no accounting software for small scale can match Quickbooks.

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11th Jan 2013 10:44

ecommerce and web sources


Take a look at

The basic software has an add-on module which provides a Web Store and the package will also provide interfaces to other web marketplaces later this year, so it takes care of Stock Control, EPOS, eCommerce and accounting in one package. It will also allow your business to grow without having to patch together various third party products as your needs develop.

I am biased of course as I work for the software provider referred to here, but it is well thought of by the community and gets fair number of mentions in AccountingWEB such as here in December.

If you are interested please contact us and we can elaborate and demo on-line.


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By awoodj
11th Jan 2013 12:03

I had a look at EKMPowershop combined with Kashflow for accounting sounds like it should handle online trading setup alongside producing accounts, invoices etc. That said I am not yet at the point of actually trying it in anger yet so if anyone has used either or both of these be interested in feedback, especially if used together.

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11th Jan 2013 13:05

Thank you

But my response was simply to correct you and inform you that there is a solution using Sage and the importance of stock integration to the financials which your initial comment did not include.








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06th Oct 2014 16:17

Sage 200


I'm currently working on some on page content about integration between web shops and accounting software. Sage 200 web shop integration has order and payment automation, content managements, and allows you to despatch directly.

It's part of the Sage 200 suite. If you need any help or further advice, you can check out our website:


I hope that's helpful!


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