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E-signatures & Adobe Livecycle

I have recently trialed BT e-signature (echosign). This was a good product (apart from being administered by BT), however, it did not work with forms that were created in Adobe Pro/Livecycle.

Does anyone know of any solution that definitely works with Livecycle? I have read that Integrisign Emcee might work, but can't get a trial for this.


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Does work with Livecycle Forms

 Stacey -

BT eSignature is provided with EchoSign, and EchoSign does support Livecycle forms as long as you save them in Acrobat format (not Designer).  Please contract support at echosign for help here.

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"apart from being administered by BT" - tee hee

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Echosign have confirmed they can't support it at this stage - I can send the forms, the end user can complete, they just can't submit it signed. Have you done this successfully or do you have a contact at Echosign that will be more useful to me than the previous guy????

Thanks very much

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