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economia magazine

Has anyone seen the ICAEW's online magazine, "economia"?  It seems to have been deliberately formatted to look like a paper magazine, with the result that  you have to  scroll both up and down as well as sideways to read it. Am I the only person that thinks this is a bit ridiculous? Wouldn't an online magazine be best formatted to be easily read on a computer screen?


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Probably a replica

It's probably just a replica of the paper version. and not a separate edition prepared with online viewing in mind.

Awful title. 



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Seems OK in firefox, although it being the ICAEW I have already read the same content some days or weeks ago, so its a bit redundant.

For some bizzare reason they also sent me a paper copy in the post which it still in its wrapper - sitting on the top of the last 12 months or so Accountancy magazines which i haven't opened either.

If they ditch the print version and keep it online it might be of use but it seems an odd use of members fees quite frankly.

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ireallyshouldknowthisbut wrote:

Seems OK in firefox,

I am using Firefox but the only zoom options are too-small-to-read and so-big-you-need-to-keep-scrolling-up-and-down. Can you fit it on one screen with font large enough to read but no need to scroll up and down?

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Used wrong supplier for the technology?

Here's an example where an online magazine DOES work better...

(by eMAG STUDIO)...

(ICAEW have instead used...



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I can see it fine, but I do have a huge monitor and decent eyesight.

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Never mind the format

It is the content that is irrelevant rubbish.

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Yes, the eMAG STUDIO is better; no sideways scrolling, but I have never understood why online publications are produced with columns, with which you have to scroll up and down, which is more difficult on screen than on paper.

Seems excessive to buy a huge monitor just to read these things.

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I received a paper copy. I eagerly ripped open the cover had a look and filed it under B for bin! Maybe it was me but there was very little useful information for me as a sole practitioner. (Apologies if others found it interesting and useful!)

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Paper copy here too
I also received a paper copy which is in its wrapper on top of a pile of other reading material. Not sure I'll bother opening it now...

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Why a paper copy at all?

I really cannot understand why ICAEW insist on producing a paper magazine.  A well-formatted website with an email newswire would be 100 times more convenient.  There isn't even an option for members to be environmentally-friendly and opt-out of the paper copy.  So we have to take it out of the plastic wrapper (which goes to landfill) and then put it in the recycling bin.

Without a paper copy the idea of producing a difficult-to-navigate electronic replica could easily be abandoned and we could have the information in a format designed solely for ease of reading on-screen.

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jimeth wrote:

I really cannot understand why ICAEW insist on producing a paper magazine.

Me neither.

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Accoutancy Mag.

I read an excellent article about taxing ostentatious displays of wealth in Accountancy magazine, but nothing else sticks in my mind since I started getting it in 1992.

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Unlike most of the above replies.....

.....I do actually prefer my magazines in paper format, so I was happy enough to give Economia (how are we supposed to pronounce that?) a spin.

Can't say I was waiting with baited breath for it but, even so, it was a big disappointment: thought the Institute might take the chance to produce something just a little bit more relevant to the average member in the street but, instead, it was just Accountancy v2.

If that's what they're going to be producing, it can join all the Accountancy mags already gathering dust on my s h * t pile.

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Accountancy mag for the jobs.

Reminds me of the person who told me he used to keep Accountancy magazine for the jobs, but stopped because the print used to come off on his arse.

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No doubt ICAEW will claim that it "adds value" to members.  I think that we should ask them to quantify that value and then make the point that we'd prefer to get the same value from lower subscriptions


I can't even find my copy now, so I must have recycled it without thinking about it.

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reading it?

Sorry - I had not realised that it was meant to be read.

Oh and if you are sending me a paper copy can you please make sure that it is printed only on one side so we can use it for the kids to draw on.

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