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EIS & the Self assessment

EIS & the Self assessment


I understand that EIS tax relief can be claimed up to 5 years after share purchase according to the following advice:

"Claims to relief can be made up to five years after the first 31 January following the tax year in which the investment was made."

My question is can I split the tax relief for a single share subscription accross several years? e.g. Can I buy £20,000 of shares (eligible for £6000 of relief) and claim £2000 relief in the first year, £2000 relief in the second year and £2000 relief in the third year?

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By mhtax
24th Jan 2013 21:02


The only variable now is to elect for some of the shares to be treated as if they were issued the previous year so you can only spread them over 2 years

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27th Jan 2013 15:14

OK thanks. So ignoring the carryback option, my only option would be to use the EIS tax relief in its entirity for a given shareholding, in only 1 of the next 5 years (including the current tax year)?

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By mhtax
28th Jan 2013 12:18

Not quite

The claim is for the year within which the shares were issued but you have 5 years to make the claim - so even when SA appears out of date you sendthe EIS3 in as a standalone claim.

It is not really a carry back - you elect for some or all of the shares to be treated as if they had been issued the year before, and the 5 year deadline is correspondingly moved back a year.

This means you can only claim in two consecutive years.

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