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End of the world

As the world did not end at 6pm yesterday I suppose I had better get my head around iXBRL and file all the accounts I've been holding off sending to HMRC!


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22nd May 2011 20:26


... but tackling iXBRL and sending them to HMRC is the lesser of the two evils ..... or is it!   ;)

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22nd May 2011 21:02

Wait for the endgame now

We just have to wait for the endgame of private practice now!

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22nd May 2011 22:47

It did

Ah but the world DID end, only God took out a super-injunction so no one is allowed to tell you it did (not even on twitter).


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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 18:11

Eye of the needle

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23rd May 2011 11:23


Talking of superinjunctions, I see the footballer has effectively been named now.  Not being much of a football fan, the name doesn't mean much to me, but probably does to others.  I wonder if the superinjunction has made things better or worse for him.  Maybe worse once the superinjunction is officially lifted in the UK....

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23rd May 2011 12:35


I couldnt care less if some overpaid footballer cant keep his trousers on.  BUT, I do wonder what "serious" news is kept from us by this misuse of the law.

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23rd May 2011 13:33

end of the world?
I though this was a publicity stunt from the "health and safety" brigade....

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