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European VAT Registration

I have a new client who sells across the EU via Amazon and holds stock in the following countries:






Czech Republic

Its clear that I need to register this client for VAT in all of these countries and research has only gotten me so far. I am hoping to find someone who has actually accomplished this and who can send me relevant links on how to get this done and can give any relevant advice. 

Thank you in advance!



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08th May 2017 11:27

I can tell you can't in most cases without appointing a local agent.

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By RedFive
08th May 2017 17:29

Contrary to the previous post I have successfully registered a business doing same as yours in Germany and France.

I am completing monthly VAT returns for both and soon to embark on Italy. My EU tax knowledge and language skills have improved immeasurably.

Poland and Czech may be a little more tricky though.

See recent thread here http://www.accountingweb.co.uk/any-answers/european-vat-registration for the links I provided to get started.

It's not easy and I used a local (to me) language expert (not tax) to help me with the registrations. But it can be done.

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08th May 2017 18:53

There are a number of specialist firms that do VAT registrations, and Returns, etc across the EU.

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