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Excel 2007 Named Ranges - can i edit the Scope of a named range?

Excel 2007 Named Ranges - can i edit the Scope...

I've copied some sheets that had named ranges in them and this has copied the named ranges across too. Excel allows duplicate named ranges but then makes the Scope of that named range specific to the sheet it occurs in. I have renamed the ranges to make them unique but the Scope still shows as the actual sheet rather than the whole workbook. Does anyone know how i can chnage the Scope back to workbook without having to delete and recreate all of the named ranges?


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By ACDWebb
25th Aug 2009 15:43

You need to change it from Local to Global
I find the Excel Name Manager addin found here - http://www.jkp-ads.com/officemarketplacenm-en.asp - very useful and it will handle the Local/Global change for you

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26th Aug 2009 10:34

accountingweb already has the answer!
See the reference to the Scope drop-down in http://www.accountingweb.co.uk/item/175623 . This would appear to allow you to change the scope of any Name to Global and solve your problem - I hope it does.

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05th Mar 2010 23:53

Excel 2007 Named Ranges - can i edit the Scope of a named range?


I am sure you have solved your problem a long time ago.  I did not want to download 3rd party software on my work computer.  The workaround I used was to copy the source worksheet with names to a new workbook.  I renamed all of the names in the new workbook and copied the worksheet back into the original workbook. 

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